The FlowFighter pump operator training system will revolutionize how your agency does hands-on pump operator training.

The Old Way

When conducting pump operator training, many departments simply deploy several hoselines to a field, where firefighters manually control the lines and flow water while an instructor works with one or more students at the pump panel.  This method has several limitations:

  • The student is usually within view of the nozzles, and are not forced to learn techniques to determine whether lines are flowing water or not by watching gauges on the pump panel, as they are allowed to “cheat” and see the water flowing.
  • It is difficult for the instructor to maintain control of which lines are flowing.  He may have to issue commands over a radio, in which case the student knows which lines will be turning off or on.  The personnel controlling the nozzles may get bored, and manpower requirements are high.

The FlowFighter Advantage

Using the FlowFighter training system, a single instructor can locate multiple nozzles out of sight of the student while controlling the water flow of each nozzle remotely.  The instructor receives instant feedback on nozzle pressure and fire flow of each line, and can add or remove friction loss in an instant to simulate scenarios like extending or switching hoselines.

Training Diagram

Pressures and flows are logged and can be graphed in real time or after the training session to quantify student performance.  The instructor can also set up predetermined nozzle flow sequences that can be played back automatically, further reducing workload.