Control Unit

FlowFighter Control Unit

The FlowFighter system consists of the FlowFighter control unit, a handheld computer (tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.), and one or more FlowFighter nozzle simulators.  The FlowFighter control unit contains a central microcomputer that controls two or more electronically actuated water valves, reads pressure sensor information, and provides a wireless data link to the FlowFighter nozzle simulators and tablet computer.

The FlowFighter system is intended to greatly improve the fire pump operator’s training experience in two different use cases:

  1. Dedicated Pump Operator Training such as monthly Engineer training, MPO certification courses, basic and advanced pump operator training, etc.  Click here to learn more.
  2. Simulated Fire Scenarios that are run inside buildings where water cannot be flowed, such as fire station truck bays, meeting rooms, acquired structures, non-burn training facilities, etc.  Click here to learn more.


FlowFighter in use for dedicated pump operator training

Scenario Diagram

FlowFighter in use for a fire attack training evolution